ABOUT SB Preservation Alliance

Who we are


The Data Preservation Alliance for Structural Biology (Data-PASB) is a voluntary partnership of organizations created to archive, catalog and preserve data generated by structural biology research. Examples of structural biology data include: X-ray diffraction images, SAXS datasets, reprocessed coordinates and structure factor files, MD trajectories, docking files.


Contact us: data-pasb@sbrid.org

Operational Committee


Composed of operations staff from the partnering archives, the Operations Committee focuses on the identification tasks, as well as the acquisition, standards, and common catalog tasks. It oversees technical issues and identifies potential problems and solutions that affect data selection, acquisition, and dissemination.  The Operations Committee holds monthly calls.

  • Xizhou Feng (Committee Coordinator, SBGrid Data Bank)

  • Chris Botka (Director, Research Computing, Harvard Medical School)

  • Tom Cramer (Associate Director, Stanford University Libraries)

Member Institutions


Curators and partners in global preservation of structural biology data.


  • Harvard Medical School

  • Stanford University

  • Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

  • Institut Pasteur de Montevideo

Steering Committee


Composed of the Principal Investigator from each of the partners, and other representatives, the Steering Committee manages the day-to-day operations of the partnership.

  • Mercè Crosas (Director, Data Science, IQSS, Harvard)

  • Piotr Sliz (Director, SBGrid, Harvard Medical School)

  • Michael A Keller (University Librarian, Stanford University)

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